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Make Way for Doodles

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I am the author of GOLDENDOODLE, and a breeder of fine doodles since 2000, and prior, beautiful golden retrievers, of champion lines, excellent health and temperaments. All lovingly home-raised. I have many therapy doodles and doodles in special needs homes, which attests to their fine caliber in all regards. 401-378-5889 or 401-294-3405  I sell autographed copies of my book, GOLDENDOODLE, off of my website. I always have them in stock.

Cheyenne Farm Kennel

Cheyenne Farm Kennel photo

Cheyenne Farm Kennel is a family operated business, we have a large family therefore everyone had there own idea on the perfect dog. We have been breeding goldendoodles since 2004.We have breeding other kinds of dogs since 1980. Our doodles come from our smaller goldens and usually are med in size. Our Doodles take on the traits of the goldens in there build more than the larger lanky ones you may have seen. If you go to our website you can see past pups and testimonials on how we do things here on the farm. We also supply direct emails from past doodle customers who love to brag about there Doodle. All our dogs belong to family members and have there own special owner. We currently have a litter of F1 Goldendoodles as well as a F1B litter both available to go home to approved families mid July 2011. We are now accepting applications and deposits.