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Spacecoast Goldendoodles, Inc.

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Beautiful Goldendoodles in Central Florida!!!

Moss Creek Goldendoodles - McDoodles

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Moss Creek Goldendoodles is a premium home breeder of English and American Goldendoodle Puppies - located in Sunny Central Florida. We are committed to the research, development and improvement of the English and American Goldendoodle dog breed. We specialize and strive for healthy, even-tempered, well adjusted, sweet, loving Goldendoodle dogs and puppies with low-non shedding - allergy friendly coats. We breed English Goldendoodles as well as American Goldendoodles in F1, F1B, F2B and F3 generations. We breed Goldendoodles in small, medium and large standards. We also breed English Miniature Goldendoodles - Mini F1 and Mini F1B Goldendoodles. You can learn more about the different Goldendoodle Dog Generations on the About Doodles page.